Athens Half Day Private Tour

Half day Private Tour in Cape Sounion

Half Day Private Tour in Corinth

Half Day Private Tour in Marathon

Half Day Private Tour in Vravron-Ramnous

Athens Half Day Private Tour in Acropolis:

Tour length: 4,5-Hours

This is the ideal tour for travelers with a short time in Athens, interested in visiting the main sites of Athens in the most relaxing way possible.

We reach the south slope of the Acropolis, where you will admire the Dionysus Sanctuary and Dionysus Theater. Walk up the hill leading to the Acropolis significant site and have your camera ready for snapping photos of the historical monuments of Acropolis, including the Parthenon, the Erechtheion, the Propylaea, the Temple of Athena Nike, and the Pedestal of Agrippa.

Drive along the historical paths that bring you to Plaka (Old Athens), the Ancient Greek Agora, the Temple of Hephaistus, the temple of Olympian Zeus and Hadrian’s Arch.

See the changing of the guards in front of the Parliament House at Constitution square, and also the Memorial of the Unknown Soldier.

The center of Athens is full of historical landmarks. Taxi tours will also take you to the Kallimarmaron, also known as Panathenian Stadium, where the first modern Olympic Games took place in 1896.

Half Day Private Tour in Temple of Poseidon and Cape Sounion:

Tour length: 4-Hours

Our sightseeing tour includes a visit to the archaeological site where you can admire the remains of the Poseidon Temple (God of the sea).
The site is surrounded by sea on three sides and offers spectacular view to the Aegean Sea.

As you approach Cape Sounion, one of Greece’s most photographed monuments, it rises like a sheer cliff out of the sea. At Cape Sounion where you will visit the 5th century B.C. Temple of Poseidon with one of the most breathtaking panoramic views in the world “on a clear day you can see at least seven islands”.The precipice is a sheer 197 foot drop to the sea.

Land masses to the west stand out in sharp profile: the island of Aegina backed by the mountains of the Peloponnese. The beauty of the surviving Doric columns has inspired many poets, including Lord Byron who carved his name on one of the columns. This half day excursion is a great option if you want to discover Greece beyond Athens, enjoy stunning views and visit world famous Greek ruins.It is wonderful to visit Cape Sounion in a summer night of July or August to really enjoy the Sunset.

Half Day Private Tour in Corinth:

Tour length: 4 – Hours.

Drive westwards along the scenic coast to the amazing Corinth Canal. Admire the artificial canal and then continue to the Ancient Corinth where St. Paul lived and preached.
Ancient Corinth was one of the most important cities of ancient Greece.
Visit with your professional and passionate guide the Agora and one of the most outstanding monuments of pre Roman period, the temple of Apollo. The ancient town of Corinth was built at the meeting point of southern and northern Greece. In Greek mythology it was where Jason and Medea lived, and it was the city where St. Paul lived and preached for two years.

On the drive back to Athens, enjoy a short stop at Kehreai port where St Paul disembarked. After your exploration, return to Athens in your private vehicle.

Half Day Private Tour in Marathon:

Tour length: 4 – Hours.

Also known as the Tomb of the Athenians, the burial mound is situated on the Athens Marathon road, roughly 2.5 miles (4 km) before the town of Marathon, and is the final resting place of 192 soldiers who died in the Battle of Marathon.
Everyone has heard the story of the Persian defeat at Marathon at the hands of the Athenians. Imagine marching several thousand miles only to be wiped out 27 miles from the city you came to conquer by an army a fraction of your size.

Hear from your guide about this bloody battle that took place in 490 BC during the first Persian invasion of Greece, and learn how those who fell were cremated and buried in this tomb as a reminder of their sacrifice and bravery.

Half Day Private Tour in Vravron – Ramnous(Nemessis):

Tour length: 4 – Hours.

The Rhamnous “referred Rhamnus” is an archaeological site in eastern Attica.

It is located near the Marathon region of Grammatiko and a short distance from the sea. The ancient town of Rhamnus dominated on two strategic ports in ancient Athens, corresponding to the bays in front of the current Sesi villages and Agia Marina.
In Rhamnus was a worship of the goddess Nemesis, who was the most important place of worship for the goddess in ancient Greece. The name “Rhamnous” comes from Ramnos plant “thorny bushes”. Vravrona is an important archaeological site in Athens, famous for the Temple of Artemis. Artemis has given its name to the modern municipality of eastern Attica and the coastal neighboring village of Loutsa“now name Artemis”.
It was built on a bay on the coast of the South Evian Gulf, near the modern village of Loutsa. It was inhabit since Neolithic times. At the time of Theseus “Bronze Age” the Vravrona was one of 20 municipalities were united and constituted the subsequent Athenian state. Gradually Vravrona became a place of worship of Artemis and built a temple dedicated to this.