What are the Advantages of a Private Taxi Service?

Whether you are considering hiring a company to provide transportation to the airport, a wedding, or another event you are probably debating taking a taxi.

When it comes to dependability and service there really is not a debate.  Taxi is great when you suddenly need a ride, or when planning ahead, hiring a private taxi service is the more reliable option.

Our taxi service is more than getting from A to B.
We deliver the highest level of transportation services with comfort, safety and speed.

Professional drivers and English speaking drivers. Is a local driver, experts who know and share the hidden gems of the city?Taxi Service, but better. We transform transportation into a service. A customized taxi service, tailormade to travelers’needs.

Book your taxi transfer in advance and get a fixed price. All surcharges are included.

No hidden fees. No surprises.

A taxi is the fastest transportation option to get from Athens Airport to City Centre.
A private transfer saves you time and money, whether you are on a business trip or on holiday. Plus, you avoid any stress and anxiety of traveling to a new place.

  • No pushing and shoving in a crowded metro or bus, but travelling in comfort.
  • No making multiple stops in a shared shuttle, but heading directly to your destination.
  • No waiting in lines, searching for a taxicab or looking for directions, but enjoying a door-to-door car service.